Inland Scrub Oak (Quercus berberidifolia) Login         

Broadleaf Tree

  Petals Not Obvious  


Typical Height



Has Catkins



Leaves are fairly short, about 1 inch long. They have holly-like toothed margins.

The top surface has a polished appearance. The underside is pale and has short hairs.

Veins run to the ends of the spiny teeth.

An egg-shaped acorn sits in a short, warty acorn cap.

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Scrub Oak forms dense thickets, often excluding other plants. Typically about 5 feet tall, it can grow wider than tall. Branches are a grey or rus ...

Leaf and flower buds concentrate near the tips of the stems. Leaves are alternate, connecting to the stem in a spiral. They grow to about 1" lon ...

Acorns occur singly or in pairs on this year's twig growth. Acorns develop and mature in one year. Caps connect directly to the stem, with no stal ...

Acorn cups are shallow and smooth inside (not hairy). Their outsides have warty bumps.